The Friends, The Icons: Romania

This is my really good friend Romania in Where The Wild Things Are by Opening Ceremony Faux Fur Coat, leggings, Acne Shoes and a bow headband! My friends are my style inspirations!


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From working right next door to each other, two girls by the names of Rachel and Roberta bonded over their love for expensive shoes and each others' distinct styles.

With Rachel having effortless sense of mixing designer and vintage finds and Roberta in love with all things avant-garde and funky, it would only be right to combine fashion forces.

The two girls became instict friends, fashion soulmates, and now co-partners for The Ray and The Ro.

The site was named off our nicknames to each other, The Ray (being Rachel) and The Ro (being Roberta) and our objective for this site is to bring you a little taste of all the HAUTEST things in fashion.

xoxo. The Ray, and The Ro.