The Trend Alert: Lingerie Inspired Looks

The lingerie gone outerwear look has been around for a while now. I mean, lets move on from wearing our night slips as a dress with some stilettos and start being more chic with this look. 

Lets start with the corset and/or bustier. The hot look right now is busting out that corset with some high wasted pants- or harem pants to sexitfy your look without looking trashy. 
(It's winter too... so wear a boyfriend blazer over the look with some powerful chic booties.) 
I'm also obsessed with Corset Dress like the one below. You can get great corset dresses at H&M and Forever 21 for my recessionistas! 

Look number two is the lace and sheer. For this season, get a black lace SHEER top, and wear a bando underneath....throw on some jeans and the outfit shows enough skin for that particular boy to drool! 

The next look is actually my favorite piece of lingerie...which is the garter belt. Christian Dior introduced us with showing  garter belt under your skirt. I do have to admit, its really hard to PULL off this look... I've seen celebrities go a little overboard with this look... so if your going to show your garter belts... MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T LOOK TRASHY... DO NOT look like you just rolled out of bed, threw on a shirt and showing your lingerie, I mean we're ladies here on to achieve this look, be covered all over the top and just wear a hot black skirt with hot knee stockings and make sure we can peak at that garter line. I love how Taylor Momsen wore it below. 


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