The Best of LA: The Tailor

Every girl needs a reliable tailor.  Tailors can make the difference between
a good fitting garment, and a great fitting garment. Not to mention, you can
update old jeans, skirts and dresses for a fraction of the cost
or buying new stuff.

Jenny is an AMAZING and inexpensive tailor.

Jennys Tailor
Neighborhood: Mid-City West, On Third next to La Brea
5768 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-7278

The Style Icon: Lady Gaga

I'm sure we have all seen the latest video from Lady Gaga for her latest single, "Bad Romance" and we can all say that that video is truly remarkable with such eye candy outfits. I'm pretty obsessed with this lady and her style has been such an inspiration to the fashion world. Her style is so distinct and I cannot stop googling her!

The Friends, The Icons: Romania

This is my really good friend Romania in Where The Wild Things Are by Opening Ceremony Faux Fur Coat, leggings, Acne Shoes and a bow headband! My friends are my style inspirations!

The Ray And The Ro: Out And About For Fashion Collective Event

Ra and I were out last week at the Fashion Collective event in LA which featured the most amazing lines! The event was held at the Avalon Hotel, and of course we had to dress to impress. 

Ray is wearing an amazing vintage tiger sweater dress that she bought in Little Ethiopia... the outfit is accompanied with a vintage animal print hang bag, leggings and of course, her fucking amazing black Acne platforms! 

I'm wearing a black american apparel dress with lace leggings and a black sequin hat. My bag is vintage Chanel which I was my buy of the month when I went to San Francisco last weekend. I'm also wearing a strap Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

.. check out this two outfits designed by Witches Clothing! 
So Cute

The FIDM style file: Lizz

Well, what a perfect way to start off the FIDM style file!

Lizz has amazing effortless style and some pretty hot shoes
(shes selling her extra pair so grab them before I do)
You can read her blog Fashion Candy, to get some more inspiration from this lovely fashionista. We're
sure this wont be the last time we see her on the style file.

Shoes: ASOS

Skirt: Forever21

Bodysuit: American Apparel

The Deal, The Gift Idea: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Gold Metal Marc By Marc Jacobs Bangle- $98

Lola Eau de Perfume- $85

Marc by Marc Lace Miss Marc T-Shirt- $78

Bow Loop Gold Earrings- $92

Pave Heart Reinstone Ring- $78

Owl Tote Bag- $98

Red Double Wrap Leather Bracelet- $78

Christmas is coming up and the recession is still amongst us and we need to be smart with our gifting and how much we spend. As I was reading Ra's previous post on Marc by Marc's bag item, I felt like it was important to note that Marc by Marc Jacobs is a line that is ultra chic and inexpensive yet still gets a true fashionistas blood boiling when receiving an item. You can get a whole bunch of items with substance and thought for under a hundred dollars. 

The boys with not a lot of money with girlfriends who deserve a great gift- TAKE A NOTE here.... the jewelry is a great buy along with some perfume and/or a t-shirt or tote. You should check out the Marc by Marc Jacobs stores near you for more gift me on this one- who ever will be the receiver of these gifts will LOVE IT. Period.

the Perfect gift : Burberry

the Brand: BURBERRY

As many of you know, the Satorialist has recently debuted his much anticipated
campaign for Burberry, Art Of The Trench. A stunning website inspired by
the Satorialists traditional and simplistic style, Art of The Trench features people from
across the world wearing Burberrys traditional trench coat. Congratulations Burberry,
the trench is now back on my wishlist!
Along with a timeless Burberry trench, I would like to add the Burberry Fielding to my
wishlist! I came accross this bag after browsing through Net-A-Porters Burberry
section, and fell in love. This bag is a great size for me to throw all my crap into, big enough
for the blackberry, makeup and even some school stuff.
Unfortunately this bag is sold-out on line but I'm sure its still available in stores! Loves it.

the PARTY: the vintage swap in LA tonight

Tonight the lovely ladies from,, and monica rose are going to host an awesome vintage swap (we die for vintage!). If you're in LA get your tush to What Goes Around Comes Around!

the Gift under $100: the Laptop Cover

do you heart the idea of animal print but just cant seem to wear it??
This Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case is so freakin cute, and only $68.
It also comes in blue violet and bright red nylon if you cant do animal.
 A great gift idea for that savvy blogger you know ;)

The Place, The Outfit: What to wear at Concerts

Whether you have a hot date with a boy and he's taking you to see his favorite band or you're trying to scope out the cuties at a show, you need to know the do's and donts' to dress code to a concert. Remember girls, you're not dressing up to go to dinner or a club- the key is to look effortless and stunning all at the same time but you're going to need to know how. 

Rule 1: Never wear a skirt or dress to a concert (unless you're going to see some folk band at the hollywood bowl where you'll be sitting down). You're best bet is to get super skinny tight jeans so you can be comfortable enough to dance but sexy enough for a guy to check out your hot legs!

Rule 2: Stay away from long sleeves and warm jackets. With all that body heat, it starts to get super super hot... wear a sexy tank, crop top or even a cool hot tee...dress it up with a really cool vest and/or some hot cool bangles and long necklaces. The vest will make you look ultra chic without trying hard and the long gold jewelry will make your outfit pop. 

Rule 3: You'll be standing up for a while- so if you can't handle the heel stay away from them. Get some flat over the knee boots that are so in right now but aren't going to kill your feet- even some short booties would do the trick as well. As for girls like me, I won't leave the house without my my suggestion is- STAY AWAY from the PUMPS, the boots platforms are your best friend. For sensitive feet, go with a wedge boot and if you have it in you- put on those burberry biker boots for pure fabulosity. 

And there you have it- follow those three rules and people will be checking you out more than the actual band. 

The Inspiration, The Look: Dressing Like Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel is collaborating with H&M very soon and Rykiel being one of my favorite designers, I decided to do a tribute to the one and only. Throughout the years, Sonia Rykiel has flawlessly recreated the modern french girl look with embracing the amazing stable cliche items that will make you look like you came straight out of a Goddard film. The beret and stripes are inspirations to Rykiel's collections and she flashes it up with putting sequence, studs and bows to the outfits. Rock out to some delicate feminine booties, hot reinstone studded bag, and some super round glasses and you will seem like you came right out of the fire redhead Parisian's runway!

The Look: The Football Sunday Afternoon

Since i've started dating a real guy-guy, i've been slightly immersed in the
american football experience. Im not going to lie, I am totally getting into it.
It's fun getting dressed on sundays, and theres one thing I always reach for-
a vintage tee.

This outfit tcould take you from the farmers market, to a football game without looking tooo dressy. After all, its sunday!!

sweater: american eagle
bag: marni
jeans: rich and skinny-sleek & straight
sunglasses: marc jacobs
tshirt: vintage motley crue
necklace: alex monroe love pendant

You're The Boss, Applesauce

Lets take some tips off the most chic factory girl of them all, Edie Sedgwick. Key essientials that Edie always wore were some black tights, leotards, chandelier earrings and flat shoes. She always knew how to dress and her style really shined throughout the years. Her look is really easy to achieve.

I'm Dreaming Of A Black Christmas

The holidays are coming which means you'll be attending all those fabulous christmas parties this season. Instead of pulling out that obnoxious christmas sweater or wearing themed colors (red-green-gold) try wearing dark colors. Keep in mind dark velvet and lace are the key factor in pulling off this look. 

Be like Jane Birkin

There was no one like Jane Birkin. The 60's model/singer who was with the infamous and truly sexy Serge Gainsbourg was a true fashion inspiration to me. Birkin oozed sex with her see-through dresses and ultra chic bags. Afterall, the most famous and wanted Hermes bag was named after her. To pull off her look- wear short mod dresses with flats and top it off with a glam 60's like fur coat, keep your hair long and straight and use up that mascara! And remember, don't wear a bra. ;) 

The Shoes, The Loves: I'll be dreaming of these babies tonight!

All my favorite shoes at the moment! Some I have...Most I want!

A Cute Date Idea

 Ice Skating

    If you're like us, the romantic idea of ice-skating sounds just fabulous. Not to mention the outfit- a big chunky scarf, cute leggings, a hot boy??? We understand our reality probably involves some sort of hot drink (They make an amazing Spiked Pumpkin Latte) and a wet behind, but its so worth it. The W offers yummy food such as: Roasted Tomato Soup With Three-Cheese Paninis, S'mores Tart With Star Anise Honey and Chocolate Sauce. YUM! 

W Hotel in Westwood, $10 per person, per hour, open till 10pm
930 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 208-8765 W

We heart Marc Jacobs

Wear Your Love Like Heaven.

Street Style- THE FIDM FILE

Its not unusual to see some of falls hottest looks all crammed into one small block in downtown Los Angeles. If you've driven past the fashion school on 8th and Grand, you've most certainly noticed a distinct change in the landscape. We've decided that with Rays exclusive access into FIDM (shes a product development major) it would be appropriate and fun to feature FIDM'S fashionable stylistas.

This portion of the blog will be a weekly feature. If you you are a FIDM student and feel like there is a fashionista we've missed just submit your pic to, and we'll feature them. Please include any style info that made the outfit!!
Picture: FIDM student, October 2009.

Silver Steal in Sin City

One of Alamode's favorite thrifty shoppers happen to have moved to Las Vegas, and *sigh* Ra took it upon herself to pay her a visit!

Incase you havent noticed, sequins are totally getting some love from some pretty big names.

Sequins- Phillip Lim/ Adam / Ashish/ Haute Hippie

sequin silk dress by Phillip Lim: $895, Net-a-porter

Sequin Sweatshirt by Adam: $545, net-a-porter

So you can imagine my excitement when I found this BEAUTIFUL
handmade vintage sequin top at Salvation Army for $7 !!

 Its seriously stunning in person. Im thinking of pairing it with some cute black shorts, tights and some great shoes.

Also at Salvation Army was this awesome  80's purse for only $1!

 Always check out your local thrift stores, they have some great finds. We have a couple of great go-to thrift stores in LA.

3 Great LA Thrift Stores:

1. Helping Hand Thrift Shop

    1033 S. Fairfax Ave. 
-   Los Angeles, Ca

    Amazing jewelry, bags and cashmere
   (This one was our favorite secret until it got outed in Lucky     Magazine! )

 2. St Vincent De Paul

    210 N Avenue 21
    Los Angeles, CA 90031

    A great resource for redecorating, furniture goods, and cool     80's tops.

 3. Shareen

    350 N AVE 21
    Los Angeles, CA 90031

    Fabulous womens clothes, heaps of designer vintage.


Trend Obsessed: Bucket Bags

I started obsessing over these bags when I stepped in Didier Ludot in Paris and drooled over this one particular white Hermes bucket bag that seriously was worth more than my soul. Anywho- The bucket bag has become the it item to wear with your luxy outfit and I'm dying to have one. My dream version would be Fendi or Chanel (Of course) like the ones seen below. As always you can burn your wallet with a Louis Vuitton version like seen on Freida Pinto...OR you can just take the vintage route and get an amazing one for a couple of bucks. Either way you'll look chic and 

Christian Louboutin Sparkle Flats

 I don't usually wear flats- but I wouldn't mind wearing these Christian Loub' babies...

Fashion Eye Candy


Trend Report: Sharp Modern Shoulder Pads

Balmain has started this trend and be forewarned in the best way possible that this trend is only going to blow up. When you think shoulder pads, I’m sure you think those awesomely bad 80s outfits with big hair- but this version has more of a futuristic look. You can wear completely monotoned colors from head to toe and the modern sharp shoulder pad will make your outfit pop and look chic and high fashion. Luckily, Zara is jumping on this trend wagon and is creating gorgeous tops, dresses and jackets with this style like the ones you see below.


Must Get Look: Hang Bag

To complete my look this Fall, I'm going to retire my oversized over the shoulder bags and downsize to a hang bag. Popular to many celebrities right now, the hang bag has been hanging from the arms of young hollywood like Rachel Bilson, Miranda Kerr and Mischa Barton to name a few.

 The hang bag is easier to carry especially when your dancing at the disco or carrying a whole bunch of coffees for work. If you are currently a recessionista, you can always complete this look and buy a brown or black bag at a vintage store. However, if you have the money- invest in one of these beauties below.


Marc Jacobs.

Jimmy Choo.


From working right next door to each other, two girls by the names of Rachel and Roberta bonded over their love for expensive shoes and each others' distinct styles.

With Rachel having effortless sense of mixing designer and vintage finds and Roberta in love with all things avant-garde and funky, it would only be right to combine fashion forces.

The two girls became instict friends, fashion soulmates, and now co-partners for The Ray and The Ro.

The site was named off our nicknames to each other, The Ray (being Rachel) and The Ro (being Roberta) and our objective for this site is to bring you a little taste of all the HAUTEST things in fashion.

xoxo. The Ray, and The Ro.